The Children's Department has a new pet tortoise!

On Election Day over 80 kids came to the Library to vote on the pet's name. Children filled out ballots voting for their favorite name out of the three options: Toodles, Tallulah or Lucy. Once the ballots were completed kids dropped them in our voting booth ballot box. The ballots were counted the following morning and it was a landslide victory for the name Toodles!

Toodles is a female Russian Tortoise or Four-Toed Tortoise. Through the generosity of Fin & Feathers in Groton, CT we are happy to provide her with a new home. She loves dark green vegetables (dandelion greens are her favorite), digging in her wood chips and sleeping in her tunnel.

Please visit her in the Children's Department during your next visit to the Library.

Toodle's Favorite Turtle Books:

Hi, Harry! by Martin Waddell
Picture book/ JE W
A tortoise tries to find someone who will play with him at his own speed.

Owen & Mzee : the true story of a remarkable friendship by Isabella Hatkoff
J Nonfiction/ J 599.63 H
Beautiful photographs document the storyt of Owen, an orphaned baby African Hippopotamus, and his new friend Mzee, a giant tortoise.

Scoot! by Cathryn Falwell.
Picture book/ JE F
Six silent turtles sit still as stones on a log, as energetic movement by the other animals in the pond happens all around them.

The Tortoise and the Hare : an Aesop fable by Janet Stevens
Picture book/ JE S
Recounts the race between the boastful hare and the persevering tortoise.

Turtle in the sea by Jim Arnosky
Picture book/ JE A
A turtle emerges from the sea to lay her eggs in the sand.

Turtle, turtle, watch out! by April Pulley Sayre
Picture book / JE S
From before the time she hatches until she returns to the same beach to lay eggs of her own, a sea turtle is helped to escape from danger many times by different human hands.