On Display at Otis Library

On Display in the Atrium Display Cases, February 1 - February 28, 2019

Original artwork by “Abstracts by Eli.”

11-year-old “accidental” artist:

Like most kids, Eli is fascinated by YouTube. He finds tutorials and makes valiant attempts to replicate what he sees. In preparation for a kids art show in 2017, he selected a video on liquid acrylic painting. He collected his supplies, followed the directions, and was disappointed to see that he hadn’t quite “nailed it”. Being the eternal optimist, however, he took a canvas, plunked it down in the pile of paint, pulled it back up and ~voila~ he came up with his unique smoosh technique. Response to his show was overwhelming. He sold every piece he made. He was asked to create custom pieces and to show again. Abstracts by Eli was born!