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Volunteerism - Youth Programs (grades 9 and up)

The Young Adult Department will host a workshop on volunteering for teens .  Taught by Dannika Avent of Yale University, this course will bring to life the following concepts:

  • Volunteering is skill building - How can volunteering help me?
  • Volunteering has a great impact on our community - Who can I help and why?
  • Volunteering is Professional Networking - Who can I meet, and how will I benefit?
  • Volunteering can greatly impact your academic future -  What's this about my grades improving?  How will this help my college application become more competitive?
  • Volunteering allows for personal development - When will I come out of my shell?  What skills will I develop?
  • Volunteering supports economic growth - How can I support my community?  How will my community benefit from my help?

This workshop is for students grade 9 and up.  It will be held in the Community Room  Please register online or by contacting the Front Desk at (860) 889-2365.

Later Event: February 6
Zentangle Class (grades 5-8)