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Recovering the Classics

Recovering the Classics, a movement that invites designers around the world to create covers for great books in the public domain, will be holding an opening reception on Friday, October 7, 6pm - 8pm at Otis Library.  

This event, a collaboration between Recovering the Classics and Otis Library, is part of the 50x50 campaign to bring the covers to all 50 states. Over 25 states have had exhibits so far, with a range that includes the National Archives, a Kansas high school, an art space in New Hampshire, an MIT Media Lab, a Kentucky elementary school, and the New York Public Library.

Since originally launching in 2013, Recovering the Classics has teamed up with The White House, the Digital Public Library of America, and the New York Public Library to bring the covers to libraries and schools nationwide through exhibits.

Recovering the Classics will be on display at Otis Library from October 7 through November 30.

Book Cover:  Don Quixote by Wedha Abdul Rasyid