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Scott Bates: The Unites States and North Korea

Deputy Secretary of the State Scott D. Bates will give an analysis on the current situation between the United States and North Korea.  He will discuss the threat posed by North Korea, the possibility of negotiation, and what options are available.  This program is free and open to the public. 

Scott Bates has served in leadership roles at the state, national and international levels in policy development and government for over 25 years.   After September 11th, Bates became the first Senior Policy Advisor to the U.S. House of Representatives Homeland Security Committee and led a team that produced a dozen reports on homeland security issues ranging from border security to bioterrorism.  He then served as President of the Center for National Policy, a Washington DC think tank focusing on topics of national security. Bates has also taught at the National Defense University in Washington D.C, University of Indiana School of Law, the University of Tokyo, and the University of Pristina.

He holds a JD from the University of Virginia School of Law, a MSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics and graduated magna cum laude in History and Political Science from the University of Dayton. The Bates family lives in Stonington, and are actively involved in their community.