Otis Library Asks:
What are you reading?

Book reviews and best sellers lists are all well and good, but sometimes the best books are those you hear about from word of mouth. With that in mind, the Otis Library asks “What are you reading?” Add their recommendations to your own reading list! Remember to ask at the Information Desk if you need help locating one of these books.

Our reader this month is:
Atty. Lloyd Hinchey
President, Otis Library Board of Directors

Lloyd and his dog, Heston

I have loved to read since I was a young boy. My parents encouraged reading the youth classics: Tom Sawyer, The Arabian Nights, etc. All were available in our house.

In high school and college, my favorite writers were Tolstoy (War and Peace, Ana Karina), Joseph Conrad (Victory) and John Cheever (Rabbit Run and many others.)

Majoring in history at Holy Cross College I started reading biographies galore. I have read scores and scores of biographies. I find the writers relentless in their pursuit of every detail of their subjects and heroic lives. And, the lives themselves often teach lessons to oneself as one experiences his or her life, indirectly. Often I am amazed as I read about their struggles, victories, and defeats and often one is amazed by their dedication and bravery.

I find most of these biographies fascinating and inspirational. Sometimes years later I go back and read my favorite books again and often. Winston Churchill is my favorite subject of a biography with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln second and third.

I am presently reading John Paul Jones: Sailor, Hero, and Father of the American Navy. It is a spectacular biography by Evan Thomas.

I believe that reading is one of many ways to enjoy life more and to be able to personally continue to grow and better understand people and life itself.


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